Scott Skiles

  • Status: Free
  • College: Michigan State


Head Coach:
1996-1997: PAOK Thessaloniki (Greece)
1999-2000: Phoenix Suns (NBA)
2000-2001: Phoenix Suns (NBA)
2001-2002: Phoenix Suns (NBA): resigned in Feb.'02
2003-2004: In Nov.'03 was hired by Chicago Bulls (NBA)
2004-2005: Chicago Bulls (NBA)
2005-2006: Chicago Bulls (NBA)
2006-2007: Chicago Bulls (NBA)
2007-2008: Chicago Bulls (NBA), left in Dec.'07, in Apr.'08 hired by Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
2008-2009: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
2009-2010: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
2010-2011: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
2011-2012: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
2012-2013: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA), released in Jan.'13


As a Player: NBA Most Improved Player -91 Indiana State HS Champion -82 As a Coach: NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals -07

Playing Career:

1982-1983: Michigan St. (NCAA) 1983-1984: Michigan St. (NCAA) 1984-1985: Michigan St. (NCAA) 1985-1986: Michigan St. (NCAA): 27.5ppg 1986: drafted by Milwaukee Bucks (NBA,1rd(22)) 1986-1987: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA): many injuries 13games: 3.8ppg 1987-1988: Indiana Pacers (NBA): 4.4ppg 1988-1989: Indiana Pacers (NBA): 6.8ppg 1989-1990: Orlando Magic (NBA,1T,cap): 7.7ppg 1990-1991: Orlando Magic (NBA,1T,cap): 17.2ppg, 8.4apg: 30/12/90 - 30assists in one game (NBA record) 1991-1992: Orlando Magic (NBA,1T,cap): 14.1ppg 1992-1993: Orlando Magic (NBA,1T,cap): 15.4ppg, 9.4apg 1993-1994: Orlando Magic (NBA,1T,cap): 9.9ppg 1994-1995: Washington Bullets (NBA): : was hurt and did not play in 20games, 13ppg 1995-1996: Philadelphia 76 (NBA) 1996-1997: PAOK Thessaloniki (Greece): Jan.97 -announced the retirement, became coaching PAOK Thessaloniki