Keith Glass


A member of the California Bar Association since 1979.

Keith has been in the business of representing professional athletes for some 30 years.  He has successfully completed contracts for over 100 NBA players and an additional 120 players throughout Europe and Asia.

Additionally, in 2006, Harper Collins Publishers in New York City signed him to write a book on his experiences and impressions of professional basketball.  The book was published in 2007 under the title “Taking Shots.” Even though primarily a sports book, it was nominated for the James Thurber Award for American Humor in 2007.  The book was later published as a paperback edition and remains in print today.

In 1979, Hall of Famer Larry Brown at UCLA hired Keith as an assistant coach.  His 1st year at UCLA, the Bruins went to the Final Four and lost in the National Championship Game. 

He was subsequently hired as Head Coach at three different high schools and compiled a record of 268 wins and 93 losses.  He has been named Coach of the Year seven times and in two different states.


Tyler Glass


Tyler earned his Bachelor’s degree in Labor Relations from Rutgers University where he was also a member of the Scarlet Knights basketball team from 2003-2005. Initially, he attended Hofstra University upon graduating from Middletown High School North.

 Starting at age 11, Tyler would follow his father and grandfather to NCAA games and tournaments and take scouting notes on players for the family business. In the fall of 1995-1997, Tyler worked at veteran’s camp for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA.

After graduating college in 2006, Tyler immediately started working with his father in the business of representing professional athletes. In his first year, Tyler recruited a first 1st round NBA draft pick. In 2009 he also was able to sign his first NBA coach.

Upon passing the NFLPA exam, Tyler became a certified NFL contact advisor in October of 2014. He is currently certified to represent NFL football players.


Marianne Laurel

Director of Marketing

Laurel Sports is a boutique full service firm within G3 providing athletes and clients the opportunity to market themselves, as well as branch out in different endeavors outside their athletic career. Marianne Laurel, Marketing Director of G3, is responsible for a high level of professionalism as she and her partnerships develop and implement strategies based on the goals and personality of the athlete. Prior to forming Laurel Sports, Marianne earned her degree at Stony Brook University. She demonstrated her value to the football program and subsequently was awarded with a scholarship while creating the role of Assistant Director of Football Operations. Following her collegiate career, she became the Stat Official for the New York Knicks and their D-league affiliate. Marianne also works various events with the NBA, such as NBA All-Star Week, D-league tryouts, etc. She also worked with the corporate sponsorship department for the New York Jets and PR for the New York Giants. Her speaking capabilities and knowledge of the game have also allowed her to do freelance color commentating and analysis for various networks such as MSG2, NFHS Network, etc.